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What separates OUR test prep from other test prep?

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In small groups of four to six students, we teach the latest strategies for the SAT and/or the ACT. Average improvement on the ACT is over 3 points.

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1 on 1

Custom-designed instruction delivered in a one: one format, specifically tailored to your student’s test-taking strengths and weaknesses. Average improvement on the ACT is over 3 points.

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Online Options

Future Focused’s online, video-based programs deliver the newest strategies and the necessary explanations to ensure you will score higher – guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SAT differ from the ACT? Which one should my student take?

With all college in the United States accepting either test, you need to determine which test is best for your student. Read more to better understand the differences between the tests, and how to decide which test(s) to take. Read more »

Should my student do a group or individual tutoring?

While both formats produce significant point increase, there are a few key points to consider. First, is your student a very high scorer or a very low scorer? If so, we typically recommend individual tutoring because of the flexibility with the pacing of the curriculum. High scorers can move as quickly as they’d like through the program, and low scorers can work at the speed that is right for them.

Second, does your student’s schedule permit him to attend the scheduled groups? It is best if students attend the same group each week for eight weeks.

Third, would your student enjoy the camaraderie and additional motivation from a group, or would he/she find it distracting? Every student is different.

What sets you apart from other test prep companies?

SAT and ACT Preparation provides students with the strategies, short-cuts, and test-taking skills they need to maximize their test scores. At Future Focused, we take it to the next level. Not only do we have the most cutting-edge curriculum, our tutors are true SAT/ACT experts.  They all received ridiculously high test scores when they took it originally, and we have trained them extensively.  They know the SAT/ACT material backwards and forwards, and they are able to relay it to the students in a way they understand.  In short, students will actually enjoy their SAT/ACT Prep program here. Our expertise and relatable style give students the encouragement, confidence and motivation they need to succeed.

We are also here for parents. You will receive weekly progress reports via email so that you can keep track of how the program is going for your student. We are available to answer your questions, give you feedback on your student’s progress, and guide you through the maze of college admissions tests.

Do you give practice tests?

Yes. In both the SAT prep program and the ACT Prep program students take two diagnostic tests – one before the program begins to determine a baseline score, and one at the end of the program. All tests are given at our center to simulate the test-day environment. Students who are not in one of our test prep programs can also take a practice test at Future Focused for $50.