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Confused about the SAT / ACT?

The testing process is unnecessarily intimidating…

How do you know which test to take?
When should you take it?
Which company should we use to prep?

Here’s our simple plan:

Step 1: Take practice versions of both the SAT and the ACT to figure out which one you are better at (off the record). We offer practice tests for FREE at our office. Click here to see the schedule and register.

(Hint: Do this after sophomore year ends, ideally in summer or fall / winter of junior year)

Step 2: Evaluate the scores to see which test you are better at. We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to help with this process. Call us to schedule: (949)276-4077

Step 3: Choose a test date.

Step 4: Decide how you are going to prepare. One on one prep? Small group? Boot camp style? Choose what will work best for YOU.

Step 5: Put your all into your test prep. Trust us, you WILL get results if you put in the effort! Plan to move test prep up on your priority list for the two to three months prior to your test date.