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High school has started and it is time to get serious about college. Ninth grade forms the foundation of your high school years. And despite what you might hear, freshmen year DOES COUNT. Some colleges may re-calculate GPA’s to put more weight on sophomore and junior year, but most use a GPA calculation that includes freshmen year.



At Future Focused, ninth graders are not in a program. Instead, One-hour sessions are scheduled individually on an as-needed basis.

Options for session topics:

  • Create a four year course plan that reflects goals for college
  • Decide which extracurricular activities to pursue
  • Learn how to plan for final exams. Create a concrete strategy and timeline to achieve academic goals for the semester. *scheduled two to three weeks prior to semester exams.
  • Understand what it takes to get into the colleges on your radar.

Cost: $150 / one hour session